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Recipe for The MAGIC Hair Oil that will help your hair grow like never before!

March 29, 2017

Does it bother you guys when you shower, brush your hair or dry your hair and theres just hair EVERYWHERE??!! Well, it most definitely bothers me! So like the majority of us Indian girls do first, I went to my Nani (Maternal Grandmom) and asked her for help desperately. The concoction of oil that she made me has literally changed my life like no other pill or serum ever had! So, here I am being the kind and generous soul that I am ( JK ) and sharing the secret recipe with you!! I hope it brings you just as much joy and growth as it did me!! :D Happy Champii-ing Beautifuls! :D


The Magical Ingredients Required :

1. Almond Oil

2. Coconut Oil

3. Castor Oil

4. Olive Oil

5. Vitamin E Capsules ( Evion 600 mg )


Method to brew this concoction to perfection :


Take all the oils in equal proportions and mix it together in a container that you can store it in for future use. For the Evion capsules, squeeze out the same amount of oil as you did with the others and mix it in with the rest of the concoction! For example, if i'm taking 1 tablespoon of all the other oils, I would squeeze out 1 tablespoon of oil from the capsules and mix it in with the rest of it.


Method of Application :


- Apply it on your scalp and gently massage it in, in circular and anti-circular motions for about 5 mins.

- I find it easier to roughly section your hair and apply it.

- Just to make sure that you spread it out evenly. 

- Leave on for 20-30 mins 

- Rinse with a gentle shampoo ( not more than 3 rounds )

- Enjoy luscious hair immediately and longer hair within a few weeks!

** - Special TIP - After applying the oil, wrap a hot towel ( a normal towel dipped in hot water, squeeze out the excess water = hot towel ) around your head so that your pores open up and absorb the oil properly. This way you only have to keep the oil on your head for 10-15 mins and then you can wash it off! 


Other Benefits of this MAGIC OIL :


1. Helps get rid of stretch marks ( works both for prevention and cure )

2. Conditioning your hair

3. Brilliant cuticle oil



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